Seeking Common Sense Solutions to Reduce Gun Violence
US Gun Control
In the United States, gun violence per capita is extremely high when compared to other nations. It is a complex problem and no one law or action will immediately solve it. That should not, however, serve as an excuse for the citizens of this nation to do nothing. What is needed is positive, common sense dialogue, not hysterical rhetoric.
Gun Deaths in the US between 12/14/2012 (Sandy Hook)
and 12/31/2013 For a detailed tally see  
12,042 OR MORE
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Reform Gun Laws Now 1. Immediate Ban on the sale, barter, trade or gift of Assault Rifles and Magazines holding over 10 rounds. 2. For 6 months, government will buy Assault Rifles and High Capacity Magazines for a set price. 3. After 6 months, possession of an Assault Rifle or High Capacity Magazine will be illegal in the US, punishable by imprisonment, fine and permanent loss of right to own a firearm. 4. It will be a Federal crime to conceal or attempt to conceal any firearm on your person or in a vehicle. State issued “concealed carry” permits will no longer be valid. 5. The sale, purchase, trade, barter or gift of any firearm in the US must be transacted through a federally licensed gun dealer. A background check of the purchaser and a minimum 3 day waiting period will be required on all transactions. A small fee will compensate the gun dealer and pay for the background check. These proposed reforms recognize both provisions of the Second Amendment: the right of citizens to “keep and bear arms” and the right of the federal government to keep a “well regulated militia”. Laws prohibiting the possession of certain types of firearms, such as Machine Guns, have already been upheld by the Supreme Court as being constituional. Support Sane Gun Reform Contact Your Elected Representatives Today